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Rebekahs of Maine
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National & International Efforts
The support from the Odd Fellowship of Maine does not stop within Maine’s borders. As part of the World Wide Independent Order of Odd Fellows, the Odd Fellows and the Rebekahs of Maine are involved in, or contribute to, a variety of international causes, including the World Hunger and Disaster Relief fund, the World Eye Bank and Visual Research Foundation, and the Arthritis Foundation.
The Rebekahs and the Odd Fellows also support a new orphanage project being built in Battam Bang in Cambodia.  During decades of war, thousands of Cambodian children lost their parents, and because of the lingering precarious economic and social situation in the country, many parents are not in a position to look after their children. The “Odd Fellows Village” consists of 15 family homes, a social center, a medical facility and kindergarten facility that will house approximately 150 orphaned and AIDS affected children newborn to age 12.
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