Rebekahs Of Maine

Rebekahs of Maine
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Officers   2021 2022
President: Marilee Perkins
Vice President: Gretchen Clark
Warden: Denise Annis,
Secretary: Kera Ashline
Treasurer: Elaine (Diddie) Barry
Marshal: Glenda Knights,
Conductor: Clarissa Labbee,
Chaplain: Cheryl Holt,
Inside Guardian: Judy Clark-Foster
Outside Guardian Muriel Elkins
Color Bearer: Cynthia Larrabee
Musician: Diane Young
Assistant Secretary: Debra Harney
Assistant Treasurer: Marilyn Tozier
Assistant Marshal: Peggy Campbell
Assistant Inside Guardian: Christine Ebert
Asst. Outside Guardian Gladys Smith
Assistant Conductor: Dolly Robertson
Page Treas. –Prudy Smith
Page to President: Penny Johnston
Assistants to take Password: Erica Lancaster, Gail Morgan, Bertha Stuart

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