Rebekahs Of Maine

Rebekahs of Maine
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Officers   2023 2024
President: Denise Annis
Vice President: Glenda Knights
Warden: Verna Jones, PP
Secretary: Kera Ashline
Treasurer: Clarissa Labbe
Marshal: Marilyn Tozier,
Conductor: Gladys Smith
Chaplain: Cheryl Holt
Inside Guardian: Dolly Robertson
Outside Guardian: Pat Robichaud, PP
Color Bearer: Peggy Campbell
Musician: Margaret Dix
Assistant Secretary: Debra Harney, PP
Assistant Treasurer: Elaine Barry
Assistant Marshal: Diane Pinkham
Assistant Inside Guardian: Kay Johnson
Asst. Outside Guardian Carol Pavone
Assistant Conductor: Lorna Grant
Page to President: Penny Johnston

District Deputies 2023-2024
District #1 is Myrtle Miller
District#2 is Vickie Soule
District#3 is Gail Morgan
District #9 is Tammy Hagerthy
District#11 Hazel Moore
District # 17 Nancy Fitzgerald

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